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For some reason it just hits me hard how Zach starts to cry harder specifically when Frankie says how his grandfather called him ‘perfect’ after coming out. 

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Oh my, I’ve hit the I wanna read a Zankie fanfic part of the shipping…

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Frankie’s eulogy for Grandpa Grande <3

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The full scene where Frankie finds out about his grandpa’s passing.

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Hehe Chris’s episode of Hot in Cleveland has been perfectttt

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i don't watch big brother, i can't since im in another country, but im wondering whats happening with these two guys? im seeing so much about them recently. did they get together in the house or something? it seems super cute.

No they’re not together… well not officially 

Zach is “straight” but honestly everything hes done since he said he was straight says otherwise… my tag for them is HERE

Frankie’s grandfather just died though so I’m sorta worrying about him tonight so my blog will probably be just about him

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Frankie is told about his grandpa passing away ):

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My entire blog tonight will probably be making sure Frankie (from Big Brother) is okay….

I will tag it as either Frankie Grande or Big BRother or if Zach is in it maybe even OTP: I’ll Be Your Bae

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RIP Grandpa Frank Grande ❤️

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When I came out he was the first person to accept me. Everyone was like “I don’t know how to feel about it” and my grandpa, the most perfect man alive, was like “What the fuck are you talking about? He’s your family there’s nothing to be confused about.” 

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